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How to generate 3 different H.264 streams for 1 CSI stream ?

Question asked by Frederic COIFFIER on Oct 22, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2015 by Joan Xie



We're looking for some advices about using GStreamer to generate several H.264 streams from one 720p 25fps CSI stream.


It's quite simple to generate one H.264 RTP stream for 1 CSI input.But we would like to generate 3 different H.264 streams, i.e. :

  • 1 x RTP H.264 720p 25fps
  • 1 x RTP H.264 800x600 25fps (resize + crop)
  • 1 x RTC H.264 720p 6fps (different framerate)


Do you think it's possible ? Can GStreamer use the IPU to generate 2 streams with different resolution ? As the VPU encodes 3 differents streams, it means 3 pipes for GStreamer and lot's of memory copy.


So, we would be interested if someone has already a feedback about a similar use case.