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I have a problem about the MQX task scheduling

Question asked by wang yufei on Oct 15, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2015 by wang yufei

hello all,

I  used KDS3.0 and based on MQX4.2 and KSDK1.2 project, my board is twrk64f120m,

the task scheduling to me have a little bit of problem

I have add the TCPIP  tasks and it was worked ok before,

But when I add the CAN bus  program to initialization,

it looks like that the task is blocked in lwsem.c as below

could you know what's the problem?



        sem_chk_ptr = (LWSEM_STRUCT_PTR) ((void *) kernel_data->LWSEM.NEXT);

        while (sem_chk_ptr != (LWSEM_STRUCT_PTR) ((void *) &kernel_data->LWSEM))


            if (sem_chk_ptr == sem_ptr)


                /* remove semaphore from kernel LWSEM queue */

                _QUEUE_REMOVE(&kernel_data->LWSEM, sem_ptr);


            } /* Endif */

            sem_chk_ptr = (LWSEM_STRUCT_PTR) ((void *) sem_chk_ptr->NEXT);

        } /* Endwhile */