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MPC5777M-PinToggle GHS614 - Do not run

Question asked by duy hung on Oct 12, 2015

Hi all,

I tested projects on flashing LED chip MPC5777M but I did not see what happened. Here is part of pin configuration and project. Will I be doing wrong? My project configuration correct ?


    /* Setup pin to toggle */     SIUL2.MSCR[62].R = 0x12380000;     SIUL2.MSCR[63].R = 0x12380000;     SIUL2.MSCR[68].B.OERC = 0x10;     SIUL2.MSCR[68].B.ODC = 0x10;     SIUL2.MSCR[68].B.SSS = 0x00;      /* Pin to toggle */     SIUL2.GPDO[63].B.PDO = ~SIUL2.GPDO[63].B.PDO;     SIUL2.GPDO[62].B.PDO = ~SIUL2.GPDO[62].B.PDO;     SIUL2.GPDO[68].B.PDO = ~SIUL2.GPDO[68].B.PDO;

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