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X11 DRI on I.MX6Q with vivante_dri 5.0.11p4.5 -- Missing symbols

Question asked by Florian Loyau on Oct 7, 2015
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I built an image for the SABRESD-I.MX6Q board recently, and am attempting to get the Vivante DRI Driver for X11 accelerated display and GLX to work.I'm using the 5.0.11.p4.5 driver, and meeting the same problems as were discussed here and in random other places...


First problem is that XOrg doesn't seem to want to load the Vivante DRI Driver at all. I simply get "AIGLX: Screen is not DRI2 capable. Reverting to software rendering. Loading ..."

A simple but somewhat crude workaround i found since I don't want to use the software rasterizer anyway is to symlink it to vivante's so it's loaded regardless.

It should be noted that I can't manage to fully disable AIGLX - as that has been a suggested solution in some blogposts - no matter whether I disable it in xorg.conf or even build X11 with --disable-aiglx...


Anyway, once the module does load, the result is exactly this :

     Re: AIGLX error: vivante exports no extensions with i.MX6 yocto 3.10.17 1.0.2

Or, in a nutshell, "/usr/lib/dri/ undefined symbol: __driDriverExtensions"

                           "GLX: No GL provider found for Screen 0"

And as a result:

     # DISPLAY=:0 glxinfo

        Missing GLX extension on Display



The only answer says it's not an actual problem, however this currently gives me an X11 installation without Hardware Accel. The link also seems dead or restricted.

Does anyone ahave some more info about what's wrong and what can be done to fix it ?

Using mesa3d as swrast is a solution, but this means no hardware accel, which would be a real waste of the i.MX6's vivante gpu.


Thanks for reading through this ..