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About the HDMI output between the reboot by the thermal driver for Android4.4.3

Question asked by yuuki on Oct 6, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2015 by yuuki

Dear all,


We run Android4.4.3 BSP on SABRE-SDB.
And we run H.264 Video Playback, 1080p on HDMI


The thermal driver is set as follows.


temp   ===> 34918
trip_point_0_temp ===> 85000
trip_point_0_type ===> passive
trip_point_1_temp ===> 100000
trip_point_1_type ===> critical


If temperature of i.MX6 exceeds 100 degrees Celsius, i.MX6 is rebooted.
The image which stopped continues being output by HDMI.


Is there the method avoiding this?
While i.MX6 reboots, would you tell me the method to turn off the HDMI output?


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