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How to syncronize PWMs of different CPUs?

Question asked by Alberto Garlassi on Oct 1, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2015 by Alberto Garlassi

Hello, in a multiple motor drive with several MC56F84763, there's the need to syncronize PWMs.

The reference manual says that it is possible, via the crossbar switch, bring out the EXT_CLOCK signal, which is the master clock for the PWM peripheral.

I can't figure out how to initialize the crossbar to do so. Processor Expert doesn't help. Is there a document detailing this configuration?

There is also an EXT_SYNC signal, it is not clear to me if it can be periodically issued at any PWM cycle in proximity of the counter reload event.

Or should it be an one-off initialization signal?

Or I guess maybe it can be accomplished via software, with a periodic interrupt wich resets the PWM counter.


Any help would be appreciated, thanks.