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Is there any way to expand the programming memory of MC9S08GT60 MCU?

Discussion created by Wayne Hung on Jan 28, 2008
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Hi everyone, I am a newbie on embbed system and Fresscale MCU.
I have to develop a system based on ZigBee and I have some XBee modules that using Freescale transceiver & MC9S08GT60 MCU. I am now working on BeeStack
I found lot of problem on the size of  programming memory in MC9S08GT60. 60KB memory seem too small for BeeStack.
Once I include the "Security with mech routing",  The memory remained is too small to implement any application profile that seem a little bigger, even the ZTC module.
I would like to know whether there is any method to expand the programing memory of MC9S08GT60, for example, using EEPROM?
(P.S Off Topic:
   It is also disapointed that only part of the ZCL was fully implemented. Since ZCL is a standard, full implementation of ZCL would certainly save lots of customer's development time and attract lot of new customer.....
  I have spent more than two weeks times on implementing the IAS clusters, which most of the times were used to study the whole BeeStack and following the code practice & pattern...)