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VAnalyser on IMX6 : interpretation of frame time/rate and GPU utilisation ?

Question asked by sylvain LE HENAFF on Sep 28, 2015
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I currently profiling a graphical application on two SMARC with IMX6, and I am currently having trouble to really understand some behavior observed with the vivante profiler.

My configuration are IMX6 SMARC with a Yocto 3.10.17 with a galcore 4.9x and a SMARC with a Yocto 3.10;53 with a galcore v5.x.


I would like to know what mean the GPU utilisation and the frame time in the profiler ?

What part of the graphical chain is  measured by the frame time ? is it the time when the GPU start and provide the image to the next stage or until it is output ?

The GPU utilisation is always at 100%, which looks strange with the application profiled.


When I look to the graphics, I can see some peaks that I cannot explain.

It is like the graphic has to wait some sync sometime (i can observed some peaks at +16ms comparaing to the average value)

Do we have access to some configuration of VSYNC with the GPU ?


The application is stable and the graphic computed is not changing very fast, therefore the workload can be considered as similar along the test.

This kind of behavior has been observed on both HW.


I cannot explain the chart. I need a stable frame time and for now on, I do not know what to think about this.