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frame rate too fast in VLC after using vpu_wrapper for encoding h.264

Question asked by Ole Madsen on Sep 27, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2015 by Joan Xie

I'm getting raw rgb565 videoframes over wifi and sending them through the encoder making h.264 video. I'm getting 15 fps and have set the framerate accordingly, but when playing the video in VLC I need to reduce the speed to 33% before it looks right. How do I get the correct speed on the encoded video?

I have used this as example and in stead of reading a file I'm adding a frame from the socket which has been converted using the IPU to 320x240 i420 format v4l2_fourcc('Y','V','1','2') on the i.Mx.6.


The framerate set in the example has been tracked to vpu_wrapper.c where it merely sets the userProfile - So where is the framerate adjusted?