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cycle count  / CW10.6 for S12Z

Question asked by Hiroyoshi Suzuki Employee on Sep 17, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2016 by Pascal Irrle


I'm sensor FAE but supporting about customer's question about CW10.6, now.

Customer would like to check a performance of S12Z CPU by CW10.6. I mean, cpu time.


Easy way is to count clock cycle by assembler list file. Is there any feature which can count the cycle counts?

I know, there is a disassembler function by right click the source file. But, the cycle count is always zero.

Do you know the way to show the cycle number?


   25: u64Test++;
00000058 08E030             [0]LEA   X,(48,S)
0000005B 09E020             [0]LEA   Y,(32,S)
0000005E 1F4050             [0]MOV.L (0,X),(0,Y)
00000061 1F4454             [0]MOV.L (4,X),(4,Y)
00000064 BB000000           [0]JSR   0


And, It is good if there is calculation function of sum of specific code.



Best regardfs.

Hiroyoshi Suzuki