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MC1321x - Beestack - Simultaneous Join Issues.

Discussion created by Luis Tombo on Jan 24, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2008 by Liviu Oniciuc
Hi, I'm working with BEEKIT for six months now, I am using my own boards based on SRB design and I am well beyond hardware issues.
I am currently using codebase 1.0.3 with no major changes from the reference project templates.
Right now I have the following specific questions, I also submitted some SRs about them, but I think many of us can benefit from the experience:
Whenever I power 5 routers simultaneously, who try to join the network, they overlap and compete with association requests. Based on what the Sniffer sees , packet by packet (Daintree Analyzer), only 3 or 4 actually get NWK addresses assigned. The Coordinator itself, is connected by USB to a host application that proceses network status, using ZTC protocol, with NLME messages enabled in monitor mode, among others. The overlapping problem needs to be solved, and I am working on it (not easy)But regardless of that, in this condition, I only get JOIN INDICATION messages in ZTC for ONE or TWO nodes only, usually the first one who makes it, only.
If I power up each node in sequence, waiting 3 or 4 seconds between each one, all of them join correctly, and I get correct JOIN INDICATION messages every time.
Question one: Why don't I get all the JOIN INDICATION messages for the devices that get Association responses correctly and ACK them?
In this setup, every node is also a router. Sometimes an end device or another router gets joined via a router, not directly to the ZC, which is also natural, and gets a NWK address assigned by that router. I can see it clearly with the sniffer. If I try to send a HA command to that node from the ZC, a ROUTE REQUEST is issued, the route is discovered and everything works BUT I have no way of knowing the NWK address for that device because I don't get JOIN INDICATIONS from nodes that don't join directly to the ZC.
Question two: What do I have to enable in ROUTERS, so that the JOIN indications get forwarded UP to the ZC, where it can report them to my host computer via ZTC? Or any particular workaround that solves this.
Actually, that doesn't happen in the ZeD demo setup, even remote nodes report their Join to the ZC, I don't know how. Actually, this derives an additional question: In Codebase 1.0.2, if I generated plain default project templates based on "HA combined interface" for the ZC and the other templates for the other nodes, I could get them to work correctly with ZeD. If I do the same with CODEBASE 1.0.3, I see that ZeD is missing a lot of requests  (especially Node Descriptor Requests). I see that in CB 1.0.3 some ZTC request SAP's are DISABLED, and thus not honored by the ZC. If I enable all of them mimicking what the defaults in CB 1.0.2 were, the code doesn't fit in the part (I get LINK errors of full code segments).
Question three: Which is the exact combination of ZTC SAP handlers and other parameters (in BeeStackConfiguration.h and ZTCinterface.h) to be enabled in the HA CombinedInterface Template in CB 1.0.3 so that it WORKS with Zed 1.0.5 as a reference? If I just download the Ha Combined Interface_NCB_ZC.s19 in the ...\Freescale\ZeD 1.0.5\Embedded\MC1321xEVK folder, to the hardware, it still works, but I do not have the exact source code for that!

Comment: I always use "No security WITH mesh routing" when I build a new project, that's off the default, but I need the mesh features to work in my application.
That is all for now.