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i.MX6 Dual:  Is the 2.2M resistor on 24MHz oscillator ***really*** needed?

Question asked by Mike Lees on Sep 15, 2015



Please can you let me know if the 2.2M resistor recommended for 24MHz oscillator is always needed for i.MX6 dual / quad?     The reason for asking is that many automotive customers do not allow resistor values > 100K without additional testing.   Removing this resistor reduces the test cost for automotive customers significantly.


In ERR005777, it mentions that projected impact is a 1.5ms increase in start-up time.   We can tolerate this increase in order to remove the resistor.   Please can you confirm if this is the only effect, and also whether this errata is fixed for i.MX6 dual / quad plus?   Many thanks!