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iMX6 Watchdog active, but resets irregularly in Linux

Question asked by Erez Steinberg on Sep 7, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2016 by Bandaru Lavanya

Hello all,


On a system with iMX6DL, WDOG1 is activated in U-Boot.

If U-Boot hangs, or Linux hangs during boot, the watchdog resets the system as expected.


However, if Linux boots, the watchdog does not cause a system reset on time.   It may take minutes, and then at some random time the system would reset.


Looking at the watchdog registers:

   Memory mapped at address 0x76f53000.

   Read at address  0x020BC000 (0x76f53000): 0x779F


Timeout is set to 60 seconds, and watchdog is enabled.


What might be the reason for such behavior?

Any suggestions how to debug this?