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printf float format like "%0.02f" does not work

Question asked by Sandro Bastos on Aug 31, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2015 by Kai Falkenberg

Hi Rene,


18 months later this discussion, another float format problem was found.


I'm still using MQX 4.1.1, with the corrections discussed in this post.


I'm using the float format "%0.02f" to obtain outputs of type "x.yz".


     1- If the number is, for example, 1.234, I get "1.23" ---> that's right.

     2- If the number is shorter than one and greater than 0.1, for example, 0.123, the output string is "012" (without dot) and not "0.12".

     3- If the number is shorter than 0.1, e.g. 0.05, it also works giving an "0.05" string.


Resuming, the wrong result is for the range:    0.1 <=  x < 1.0


Another workaround or correction I could apply?


thank you,



Rene Kolarik

Karina Valencia Aguilar

Bruno Castelucci