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MC1321x Single port transmission problem

Discussion created by Samitha Ekanayake on Jan 14, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2008 by Samitha Ekanayake
I am trying to transmit data (packet mode) from a PAN4555_ETU which uses single port RF configuration. But every time the transmit routine is called, it causes PLL_LOCK_IRQ and aborts transmission process. The same code is sucessfully tested in 1321x-SRB, but configured in duel-port RF mode (CONTROL_B, RF_SWITCH_MODE=0).
In my test board, the PAN4555_ETU is mounted on a 28PIN DIP IC socket and the VCC and VDDA pins are grounded across 100nF caps (the borad is powered from 2 AAA batteries). The test board is hand soldered. As I read on freescale forums and other sources, the PLL_LOCK_IRQ is generated due to the noise in the circuit. However, in an off-the-shelf modules like PAN4555_ETU, I hope, the noise problem would not be an issue.
I just wonder if any one has come through such problem using PAN4555 or generally MC1321x. I could not move further in my project due to this, any help in this matter would be highly appriciated. Thanks in advance.