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flash boot

Question asked by Saida S on Aug 25, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2015 by Saida S

hi community

in my custom board i have spansion flash (29gl064h).

my idea is load u-boot.imx in flash and boot from flash, for this i am doing following steps

1. from u-boot i erased flash

2.u-boot.imx is loaded in to 0x12000000 address in ddr

3.cp.w 0x12000000 0x08001000 0x30600 (my u-boot.imx size is 0x60c00 bytes and i  converted to words which is 0x60c00/2=0x30600)

than i am booting from standalone after resetting the processor

but it's not booting i mean prompt is not coming on hyper terminal

the same u-boot code is running from ARM-DS5 debugger (where i downloaded u-boot code into flash)

from reference manual i found that IVT offset is 0x1000  and my nor flash is on CS0 at 0x08000000 address.

after loading u-boot.imx into flash my Debugger JTAG is Not connecting (it is giving unable to stop running target error)


what could be the problem ?


plz give yous suggestions in this regard

thanks in advance