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Transistion from Single chip to expanded mode on 9s12XEP100

Discussion created by Vijay V on Jan 4, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2008 by kef
I am using the EP100 evaluation kit with P&E debugger.
The MODE pins on the micro were set to Normal Single Chip mode (MODE A = 0;MODE B = 0;MODE C = 1) and the MODE register was written to (MODE= 0xA0) in the software to get in to Normal Expanded mode. This worked very well when i ran the software using Debugger.
But if i remove debugger and reset the micro i do not see the intended results.
But when i changed the MODE settings on the Eval board to expanded mode  (MODE A = 1;MODE B = 0;MODE C = 1) everything works correctly. 
Is it really necessary for the MODE pins on the Micro correspond to the CPU operating mode required?