Malcolm Hartnell

How many chip-selects does the MCF5445x have (6 or 4)?

Discussion created by Malcolm Hartnell on Jan 3, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2008 by Maclain Lobdell
According to 19.1.1 in the MCF54455 Reference Manual (Rev 2) the part has 6 chip selects (FB_CS[5:0]) and it provides details on the six chip-select address registers and six chip-select mask registers in 19.3.1 and 19.3.2 respectively. However, I can't find pin numbers for FB_CS4 and FB_CS5. 
In the MCF5445x Microprocessor Data Sheet I can only find reference to FB_CS[3:0] so does it in fact only have 4 chip-selects or are FB_CS4 and FB_CS5 multiplexed with some other pins?