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LC60: SCI / Generating 1 second pulse for calibration

Discussion created by Mehmet Fide on Dec 27, 2007
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I'm tring to generate accurate two falling egdes that have 1 second between them. MCU is in FBE mode and fbus=16,384 Hz. I have set baud rate divider to 128 at this bus frequency and send data binary 1 over SCI1. The data sent over TX pin has signal exatcly that I want. There is no problem on there. But eith the code below, RS485 line is disabled about 5.25sec later. Sending operation is not starting immediately I write to SCID register. The function should be completed with in about 1.25second.
void test(void){    DisableInterrupts;        // 8 data, 1 stop, no parity    SCIC1 = 0; SCIC2 = 0; SCIC3 = 0;            SCIBD = 128;  // set baud to 8    SCIC3_TXINV = 1;    SCIC2_TE = 1;        __RESET_WATCHDOG();        ICGC2 = 8; // Generate a reset request on loss of clock.    ICGC1 = 0b00110100;   // FBE mode, fbus=16,384 Hz, clock monitor enabled        while(ICGS1_CLKST != FBE) __RESET_WATCHDOG();        RS485_TX_EN(); // set TXCS pin    SCID = 1; // send a two falling edges have period one second over TX pin    while(!SCIS1_TC) __RESET_WATCHDOG();    RS485_TX_DIS(); // clear TXCS pin        asm("dcb 0x8D"); // reset the mcu   }

 See the gif file for the output of the function.


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