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developing and burning a bootloader in K22P48M50SF4 MCU

Question asked by Shubham Paul on Aug 19, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2015 by Shubham Paul

Guys I am totally new to MCU dev boards,currently I am trying to make a dev board of my own using K22P48M50SF4 MCU. I am using a similar circuitry for it as the open source McHck . Now I need some help regarding the development and use of a bootloader for this MCU as I am planning on understanding the bootloader devlopment. after researching a bit I found a J tag debugger named J-Link segger EDU and a open source bootloader called OpenSDAv2 (i dont know what it is). I want my arm dev board to be programmed with keil edu version. So it would be really helpful if you guys help me with the entire process of Bootloader flashing (A guide or something ) with J-link segger ( or if possible please suggest any cheap alternatives for burners except j link segger). I have no idea on ARM-CORTEX-M4(K22P48M50SF4 ) Bootloaders so please help me with it .