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P1010 DDR Controller Errata A-004508, Setting bit in mystery register to get Full Industrial Temperature Range

Question asked by melbournebob on Aug 11, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2015 by Scott Wood

The P1010 Errata A-004508 states that bit 22 of a register at location 0x0_2f08 offset from the CCSR should be set if the controller is initialized below 0 degrees C and then operated at temperatures above 65 degrees C.


The P1010 Reference Manual has no definition of the register at 0x02f08 off the CCSR.  The largest offset for a DDR related register is at 0x02E58 (DDR_ERR_SBE).


When reading the mystery register I usually see 0x00000010, but occasionally I read 0x00000011.


Does anyone have a definition of the bits in this register (CCSR + 0x02f08)?  If I perform a read/modify/write to set bit 22 in this register will it cause any issues (even if the LSB is set)?


Note:  P1010 Chip Errata, Rev. L, 04/2013