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Sudden Switching Between Serial Downloader Mode  and Internal Boot Mode

Question asked by Mohammed Azlum on Aug 8, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2015 by igorpadykov

Dear All,


We have dip switch (two position switch) and which is used to change the mode between “Serial Downloader Mode (for MFG programming) ” and “Internal Boot Mode (for booting)”.


MFG Programming Switch Position:-

SW_POS1= 1 and SW_POS2=0


Booting Switch Position:-

SW_POS1= 0 and SW_POS2=1


The question is,

While programming time, will set the switch position to “SW_POS1= 1 and SW_POS2=0”. Hence HID will detect and will press the MFG tool “START” button to initiate the programming. And then immediately will change the switch position to “SW_POS1= 0 and SW_POS2=1” during the same programming time (without power-off and before ending the MFG programing completely). Since we hope that, HID detection once is enough and no need to being till programing ends. Once the programing is done, then board will start to boot directly by pressing reset button (POR_B reset) on the board. Practically above scenario worked successfully. But we are concern about this sudden switching between Serial Downloader Mode (for MFG programming) ” and “Internal Boot Mode (for booting)” will damage the iMX6 CPU ? Could you share your feedback ?