Eli Bendersky

Bad connectivity problems with parallel cable and CW

Discussion created by Eli Bendersky on Dec 13, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2008 by Jason Cortell
I use CW version 8 for 5683xx processors, and I have the 568367 evaluation board, with the parallel cable that came in the box.
I'm having lots of connection troubles with the parallel port, with "CCS" reporting various errors quite often. Sometimes it "fails to erase flash", other times "cable is not connected". Yet others is "core is not responding", but most of all "failed to verify flash".
With good luck, this happens only once in 5-6 times I hit "run" to download code. With bad luck, I'm becoming white with rage while failing to connect for an hour. With larger ELF files the problem is more severe.
Is there a solution for this punishment ? I realize the parallel port isn't the most robust way to do this, but this must work at least to some level when you purchase an evaluation board !!
Please help !