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KDE 3.0 set/remove breakpoint not working

Question asked by Eyal Doron on Jul 27, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2015 by Michael Tessier

I'm developing a project for the KL25 using KDS 3.0.0.and  Segger probe. I'm unable to properly set and clear breakpoints. Specifically:

  • After compilation and download, I can set a breakpoint;
  • If I now remove the breakpoint, I can't set another one. To be more precise, I can set it, and it appears in the list of breakpoints, but as a blue circle without a check mark. This breakpoint is now inactive and does not get invoked.
  • In addition, the gdb tool console shows an insertion of a breakpoint into the code at the end of the SetOperationMode routine of CPU.c. This breakpoint does not appear in the list of breakpoints, and was moreover not requested.


Effectively, this means that, for me, KDS 3.0.0 can't debug. What does this mean? Is there some debug configuration parameter that I'm missing?




Eyal Doron