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dts: describe GPIO

Question asked by Kirill Brilliantov on Jul 24, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2015 by lategoodbye


I work with iMX287 and linux-3.18.7, now I write dts file for my board and I have to configure GPIO.

pinctrl@80018000 {

    gpio0_0: gpio0_0@0 {

        reg = <0>;

        fsl,pinmux-ids = <MX28_PAD_GPMI_D00__GPMI_D0>;


    gpio0_1: gpio0_1@0 {

        reg = <0>;

        fsl,pinmux-ids = <MX28_PAD_GPMI_D01__GPMI_D1 >;



But I don't know how should I describe fsl,drive-strength, fsl,voltage and fsl,pull-up if:

- GPIO0_0 is input and hight in normal

- GPIO0_1 is output

Can you help me?

Thank you and excuse my bad english/