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Sabreboard Auto USB port not detecting devices

Question asked by Jonathon Reach on Jul 24, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2015 by CarlosCasillas

Hello All,


I have an interesting problem. I need to add USB devices to my sabreboard auto. It has one USB port but this USB port does not detect devices for some reason. My theory is that it is acting as a device and not as a host USB port. Would anyone know how to change this USB port to host mode? If my theory doesn't make sense would someone propose a different theory?


The curious part is that I had it working as a normal USB port before and attached 4 different devices to it. The problem was that I had copied the filesystem to the SD card without using sudo so all the permissions in the filesystem were messed up. This strangely corrupted filesystem treated the USB port like a normal USB port. Does anyone know how the filesystem could interfere with the USB port, I thought it would be the kernel doing this.




Kernel 3.10.17

Mate filesystem