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Does System Oscillator have to be used (with PEx) when cloning and modifying a BSP?

Question asked by Louie Moye on Jul 24, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2015 by Louie Moye

I started with the TWRK70F120M BSP, cloned the BSP and PSP, and made clock modifications for my platform specific requirements.  Then I created a new MQX 4.1 project, used the USBD-CDC example project based on my new BSP.  I get everything compiled and deployed, however, when I attempt to pause when debugging I get a GDI Protocol error, Stop Failed.  Any ideas?


I noticed that in PEx, I cannot select System Oscillator 1 for MCG external ref. clock source in my Clock Source Setting 0.  So my question next is: Does PEx with MQX, USBD, on the BSP I chose require OSC0 as the MCG external ref. clock source?  I cannot seem to select OSC1 even though it's enabled and OSC0 is disabled. 


The TWRK70F120M Tower platform uses a 50MHz oscillator for the clock on Oscillator 0 input.  Our platform uses only the 12MHz clock input to Oscillator 1, and no input to Oscillator 0.