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iMX6SX's DDR3L consumption

Question asked by Antoine Charon on Jul 24, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2015 by Antoine Charon

Hello every one,


I'm currently measuring the iMX6SX's consumption on the iMX6SX-sabreSD board. With the application note AN5050 about power consumption, I've managed to enter into the deep-sleep mode and the system idle mode.

I've also put resitors of 20mΩ at the different measuring points in order to measure the voltage drop over those points, and to determine the power consumption.


The VDDARM_SOC_IN and VDDHIGH_IN's power data are nearly the same as Freescale's but the DDR3L isn't at all.

It's written in the AN that the power consumption should be around 22 mW for the DDR3L I/F + memories but in my case, it uses 500 mW.

I think that even if the system is in DSM or Idle mode, the DDR3L aren't in self refresh state.


Does anyone know how to force the DDR3L to be in this mode of self-refresh ? Is there another command to add?



Antoine CHARON


PS: I'm using the Linux Version 3.10.53-1.10_ga+g496fbe0 provided by Freescale with the board