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About difference in memory reading speed by the Android version for i.MX6 Quad.

Question asked by yuuki on Jul 22, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2015 by yuuki

Dear all,


We run Android BSP on MX6Quad SABRE-SDB board.

We noticed that memory reading speed was different between Android4 .4.2 and Android4 .4.3.


<Measurement result>
* Android4.4.2
    eMMC Seq.Read=47.49MB/s,   SD Seq Read=22.69MB/s

* Android4.4.3
    eMMC Seq.Read=35.38MB/s,   SD Seq Read=17.92MB/s


Would you tell me the factor of the difference in this speed?


May I have any advice?


Best Regards,
Yuuki Murasato