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RMII interface on i.MX6SX

Question asked by Richard Rooney on Jul 19, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2016 by Richard Rooney

I wish to use a LAN8720 (RMII) with the iMX6SX.


The IMX6SXHDG does not cover the Ethernet Interface at all.

The SX Reference Manual covers it very badly:


1) My main problem is how to generate the RMII clock for the LAN8720.

The IMX6DQ6SDLHDG outlines how it is done for  S/D/L processors (see below), by using GPIO_16.

Does this apply to iMX6SX devices too ?





2) The following screenshots show my connections between LAN8720 and iMX6SX.

Do they seem correct ?