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How do I tell my project which processor is used?

Question asked by matthias on Jul 2, 2015
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I am using KDS3.0/KSDK1.2.0 with Processor Expert, the processor we use is MK66FX1M0VMD18. I added the correct Processor Expert CPU component for my K66F processor and so far it looks like the project settings' include paths point to the correct KSDK directories for the K66F processor. However, when I include the file "arm_math.h", I get a warning "Compiler generates FPU instructions for a device without FPU [...]".
I can get rid of the warning by including "MK66F18.h" before "arm_math.h", but in my opinion, the project should already know which processor I am using. Is there an additional setting in the project that I missed, or do I really have to include "MK66F18.h" in addition to defining the processor type in the Processor Expert component?


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