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Setting up Quadrature Encoder

Question asked by Alex Schepps on Jun 26, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2015 by EARL GOODRICH

I have a customer using theMK21FX512VMC12 and is trying to set up the FTM2 for a quadrature encoder. 

The goal is to have FTM2 in the Quadrature Mode where the PHA and PHB clocks come in and increment or decrement the counter. Every 100miliseconds, I want to read the FTM2 Counter value
and direction,  then reset back to the initial value.

To do this: do I have to set the channels up?

Are they only needed to load or compare to the count register?

Do I have to do anything with the mod register?

I see the initial Count value when I read it but I don’t see the counter change with PHA and PHB running.


I added a txt file for the register set up.