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How to configure IMX6 As a PCIe Endpoint?

Question asked by Elijah Brown on Jun 23, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2015 by Elijah Brown

Hi, I'm trying to configure the IMX6Q as a PCIe endpoint.  It's hooked up to another board which is the root complex.  I'm using the Freescale bare metal SDK PCIe test as a starting point.  I'm calling pcie_init() with the parameter PCIE_DM_MODE_EP instead of PCIE_DM_MODE_RC.  At this point the link will not come up.  I have a JTAG debugger hooked up and it seems like the CPU get stuck in the wait_link_up() function - it gets inside there and then the debugger is no longer able to halt the core.  If I set breakpoints and single step through wait_link_up(), it goes through OK but the link never succeeds.  Any ideas?  Is there code anywhere for the bare metal SDK to configure the PCIe as an endpoint instead of a root complex?