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Question asked by Angelo Dureghello on Jun 22, 2015
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Hi all,


in this thread:


i.MX6 CSC setting sample source code


There is a sample code i need to build locally, but including linux-imx/include seems the buil breaks with type conflicts:


cc main.c -I../../linux-imx6/include -I../../linux-imx6/arch/arm/include -o lcd_control

In file included from ../../linux-imx6/include/linux/init.h:5:0,

                 from ../../linux-imx6/include/linux/kgdb.h:17,                                                                                               

                 from ../../linux-imx6/include/linux/fb.h:4,                                                                                                  

                 from main.c:6:                                                                                                                               

../../linux-imx6/include/linux/types.h:14:26: error: conflicting types for ‘fd_set’                      


What is supposed to be correct way to build locally this tool (imx_csc.c) ? Are there more proper kernel headers (i use 3.10.17) to build it ?