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MQX USB host stack support for USB video class

Question asked by sameer srivastava on Jun 18, 2015


My requirement is to design a USB host (HUB) for a USB camera device that supports UVC with Kinetis K20 controller (MQX running).

I checked the USB stack, available on freescale website.

The issue is that  the USB video device API functions are NOT available with Freescale USB host stack.

But similar video API functions are available with Freescale USB Device stack.
Document Number: USBAPIRM Rev. 11  Function:


Please provide inputs on how to read video data using USB host stack.

I am new to USB development. If anyone has implemented USB host video class with Kinetic please suggest.

If any help documentation is available please share.


It would be great if someone can just guide me to port the standard USB Video Class for my Kinetis controller.



Sameer Srivastava


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