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iMX28 : EMI pin keeper function

Question asked by koichi sakagami on Jun 15, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2015 by Yuri Muhin

Dear community,


We design the custom board .
We need information about EMI pin behavior.


The EMI pin is  EMI_ODT1, EMI_CE1N.


The register setting is as follows.
  HW_PINCTRL_MUXSELxx = 11 ( function disable )
  PINCTRL Bank 5/6 Pad Keeper Disable Register = 0 ( enable the internal keeper)


  Is the internal keeper function enabled ?


  If the "PINCTRL Bank 5/6 Pad Keeper Disable Register"  set as "1" ( disable the internal keeper),
  then, Is the pin state high impedance ?

Best Regards,
Koichi Sakagami