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Why is one project always recompiling everything?

Question asked by Paul DeRocco on Jun 12, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2015 by Erich Styger

In KDS3.0.0, I have a workspace with a number of K64-based C language projects. In one of them, whenever I tell it to build the project, it always recompiles everything, including the long list of automatically generated files. I created this project by duplicating an existing project and then editing it. All the other projects (including the one I copied from) work correctly, only recompiling things whose prerequisites have changed. I've looked through every single item in the project properties, and nothing looks amiss. It's behaving as though the makefiles have some spurious dependency in them on some file with a timestamp in the future, but that seems pretty unlikely. I've read through all the .mk files, and don't see anything that looks funny.


Is there a way to get the make utility to dump its dependency analysis to a file somehow? I know most makes have a command line option for outputting this info to stdout, but I'm not typing "make", I'm clicking a button with a hammer in it.


Or has anyone else seen this problem, and found a solution?