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AN2295 Developer's Bootloader and KBOOT

Discussion created by Mark Butcher on May 26, 2015

Hi All


I am still a bit confused!


The KBOOT is the new generation of Kinetis bootloader but I am seeing people mainly using the AN2295 Developer's Bootloader, so I finally thought I would give it a try.

The application note's software package has an IAR 6.4 project but this wouldn't build with IAR 7.3 so instead I looked at the description in the application note. Then I decided instead to write a version of the loader in a task in the uTasker project (it can operate alongside KBOOT USB, USB-MSD, SD-card and/or Ethernet loading) which then works on all Kinetis parts.


After a few hours of reading the document, programming and testing it was ready (fixed 115200 Baud rate), It is 0x2000 in size but has an OS to make it easier to maintain and extend if needed. The protocol was fairly easy to implement and verify and I'll release it in the next uTasker package (along side KBOOT UART/HID compatibility) so that it can be build with all popular IDEs for KV, KE, KEA, KL and K parts.


This may be useful for anyone else not sure whether AN2295 or KBOOT is the way to go because both can then be used at the same time ;-). I have attached code since it is really so simple.






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