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mipi camera driver

Question asked by ludovic leau-mercier on May 22, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2016 by Dehuan Xin

Hi freescale community.



I try to create a new mipi driver for a custom mipi camera.


some informations :

I use the sabrelite platform

the sensor not use i2c, all configuration are static in camera.


I use the ov5640 driver to create my driver.

I fix IPU=1 CSI=0 and VC=2

i set 4 lanes


First i fix the sensor clock to 999MHz or 198MHz for testing several frequence values.

and i change the reset function in mxc_mipi_csi2.c file :


I have found in this community the registry value :

by exemple 0x44 => 198MHz or 0x74 => 999MHz also i modify :

in mipi_csi2_reset() function the line :

mipi_csi2_write(info, value, MIPI_CSI2_PHY_TST_CTRL1); with value is 0x44 (is the defautl value in original code) or 0x74


i load driver and start gstreamer for testing :

the debug show :


// information from mipi_csi2_info

cfg clock rate: 27000000

dphy clock rate: 198000000

pixel clock rate: 396000000

mipi_reset() Now Using 4 lanes // i set 4 lane

mipi_csi2_reset_clock() clock = 0044 (hex) // here i force the dphy clock, this function replace the original mipi_csi2_reset() for changing dphy clock

mipi_reset() after reset clock


// after the reset i get the mipi info struct, (here there are no change when i use 0x74, dphy clock must be 999000000 MHz)

// Also i continue my test with only 198MHz. (0x44)

cfg clock rate: 27000000

dphy clock rate: 198000000

pixel clock rate: 396000000


// here i check the mipi_csi2_dphy_status


mipi_wait() 0 mipi csi2 dphy status 200

mipi_wait() 1 mipi csi2 dphy status 2f0

mipi_wait() 0 mipi csi2 err1 0

mipi_wait() 0 mipi csi2 err2 0


I need help for understand why my dphy status is 2F0 and there are 0 for CSI_ERR1 and CSI_ERR2 ?

Normally i will found dphy status = 0x300 or 0x330


thanks for your help.