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Best way to speed up compile/build times.

Question asked by Doug Smith on May 7, 2015
Latest reply on May 10, 2015 by Patrick Wood

I've taken on the roll as a Devops Engineer for the first time working with Android and the imx6.  Currently we run Jenkins and have builds for things like MFG-Tool, MATS, new dev changes.  Our Git repository is 5Gig and I'm told 300 million lines of code.   I'm just getting started trying to dig in and speed up compile times.  Our builds take a very longtime.  Can someone recommend where a beginner at Android should focus in this area?  Does it make sense to compile everything for a MFG tool or because of small code changes checked into Git?  Is there a best path to getting incremental builds, such as, Gradle or Jenkins incremental builds?  Sorry if this is too basic. I've only been digging a few hours so, I'm still kind of lost.  Just hoping someone may have insight from learned experiences and can point me in a direction to faster build times.