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Processor Expert settings for Low Voltage Detect Interrupt?

Question asked by Dominik Fehlker on May 6, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2015 by Dominik Fehlker


we are trying to get the Low Voltage Detect Interrupt to work on the FRDM-KL26Z development kit, but no matter what settings we choose, the irq does not seem to fire.

Below are the settings for LVD in PEx:

Screenshot - 5_6_2015 , 2_46_01 PM.png

And the service routine in Events.c - the "lowVoltage" is a flag that gets checked in the application:

void Cpu_OnLowVoltageINT(uint8_t Reason)
  /* Write your code here ... */
    lowVoltage = TRUE;


The "Cpu_OnLowVoltageINT" event is enabled in the CPU module:

Screenshot - 5_6_2015 , 2_49_51 PM.png

Could someone provide a screenshot of working LVD settings in PEx ?

Thank you in advance for the help!