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Fail to boot from QSPI on LS1021A-TWR

Question asked by Shay Daniel on May 5, 2015
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We are trying to boot from QSPI, using the following DIP-SWITCH configuration:

SW2 0010_0111

SW3 0110_0001


after reset, we can see clock and chip select to the QSPI device, but it looks like the CPU sends 0000_0110 = 0x6 to the QSPI device.

0x6 is not a recognized command by the QSPI device, so it is probably ignored (nothing returned from the QSPI device).

However, 0000_0011 = 0x3 is valid QSPI command (read command).

We suspect that we miss one clock cycle at the beginning of the sequence (perhaps since the QSPI clock goes via the CPLD).

Have the boot from QSPI been tested on LS1021A-TWR platform?

Is there anything else we should configure to boot from QSPI device?

Note: when we boot from sd-card, we can detect, read and write the QSPI device.