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P2020 USB device mode

Question asked by Timo Herbrecher on May 5, 2015
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We designed a custom board with the P2020 processor. One feature of this board is that it could be connected to a host PC via USB as device. For that the dual role USB controller is connected to a standard USB-B connector through a Microchip USB3317 ULPI-compliant USB-PHY.


We tried to get that USB connection working under linux (USB gadget drivers in ported 3.12 linux kernel from but we did not succeed. The board is not recognized on the host PC. A beagle USB tracer shows that the connection directly goes back to disconnected state when the board is plugged in. The hardware should be OK because when I configure the USB controller to work as host for testing, the USB port works as it should when communicating with a USB mass-storage device (USB memory stick).


Has anybody used the P2020 dual role USB controller as USB device under linux? Can someone help me to get that working?


Thank you and best regards