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imx6q eMMC Fast Boot, someone using it can help ?

Question asked by Angelo Dureghello on May 4, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2016 by Mark Middleton

Dear all,


i re-open a thread from a previous post, that was at a certain point not discussed anymore for missing of information.


I read that eMMC "Fast Boot" should fast-up a bit the eMMC boot process, at least this seems to be confirmed from the

boot flow charts. Not sure it can be useful in my case, where i just boot a 250KB u-boot, but if it can improve the boot time, even few

milliseconds, it can be good for me.


Here my updated situation:

- If i try to enable Fast Boot option, with or without "boot ack" (bootstrap pin as per imx6q user manual, page 404, table, row 3, so with BOOT_CFG1[4] set), i can't boot anymore.

- eMMC is configured to boot from first boot sector EXT_CSD[179] set to boot from boot partition 1, and boot sector is correctly programmed and verified.


Strangely, with BOOT_CFG1[4] (Fast Boot) unset, i can boot from boot partition 1, as per EXT_CSD[179], but oscilloscope on CMD and data lines is not showing the fast boot to happen, so seems i am not actually into Fast Boot.


Every help is really appreciated.


Best regards.