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No source available for "__isr_vector() at 0x0"

Question asked by Massimiliano Sturla on Apr 21, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2015 by JQ Wang

Hi to all,

while trying to resolve the problem linked here: Debugging difficult with KDS and breakpoint

I find a very strange problem: many time when I stop with breakpoint and resume execution the debugging cresh and return me this error:


No source available for "__isr_vector() at 0x0"


Now I'm not here to know why my debugger crash (I ask in the previous thred), but I want to know why this error occours.


I'm developing on K20 (and using via PEx KSDK the K60 because there is no KSDK available for K20; FreeScale tech support on field tell me to do this.) with KDS 2.0.0 and KSDK 1.1.0. Debugging via PEMicro Umultilink and all code generated by PEx


I see in my project and I not find reference to isr_vector().


I try to implement Hard Fault of Erich Styeger (Debugging Hard Faults on ARM Cortex-M | MCU on Eclipse) but with no results because I never found vector.c or the reference to interrupt vector generated by PEx; I suppose that the problem is the same: debugger do not find isr_vector


Where I can find the file "Vectors.c" , the routine "_isr_vector()" and how to tell the debugger to search my source code of _isr_vector?