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WirelessUART(ZC) for MC13237 (Question 1)

Question asked by Min Gwak on Apr 13, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2015 by AngelC

1. On the main(), BeeAppinit.c


    NlmeSetRequest(gNwkIsConcentrator_c, FALSE);

          It setup gNwkIsConcentrator_c of Nwk Info Base to FALSE. what this mean? what this code do?


2. Endpoint is identification number of each funcion of node.

    ex: A light dimming function : endpoint number 1

        same light's on/off function:    endpoint number 2

    Question : what is different between clusterID and endpoint?

            if it has cluster ID, why it need endpoint?


3. On the EndPointerConfig.c

    const zbSimpleDescriptor_t Endpoint1_simpleDescriptor = {

      1, /* Endpoint number */

      0x21, 0xC0, /* Application profile ID */

      0x0, 0x0, /* Application device ID */

      0, /* Application version ID */

      2, /* Number of input clusters */

      (uint8_t *) Endpoint1_InputClusterList, /* Input cluster list */

      2, /* Number of output clusters */

      (uint8_t *) Endpoint1_OutputClusterList, /* Output cluster list */


    Is any rule to define the Endpoint number?

    how to define Application profile ID and device ID? can I set on the BeeKit?


4. If we want to use multiple endpoint, What I have to change?

    On the BeeAppInit(void), BeeApp.c

    /* Only one endpoint is needed for this application. but if we need

    multiple endpoint, what we have to change here? */

    appEndPoint = endPointList[0].pEndpointDesc->pSimpleDesc->endPoint;


    I think we need add here also.    on the EndPointConfig.c

    /*- Endpoint list Start-*/

    const endPointList_t endPointList[1] = {

  {&Endpoint1_EndPointDesc, &gNoDeviceDef},

  {&Endpoint2_EndPointDesc, &gNoDeviceDef},    //I don't understand about '&gNoDeviceDef'...    





5. On the BeeAppInit(void), BeeApp.c

    what below code do?

    mBaudRateDisplayTimerID = TMR_AllocateTimer();

    mUartRxTimerID = TMR_AllocateTimer();

    mTxZigBeeDataRetryTimerID = TMR_AllocateTimer();

    mTxZigBeeThrottleTimerID = TMR_AllocateTimer();