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Loading previously generated ADC calibration values

Question asked by adrian a on Apr 5, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2015 by adrian a

I'm working with KL16 ADC block. I want to be able to calibrate ADC once, save the values in flash, and then re-load them during the next boot without re-calibrating. According to the spec, this should be possible.


My calibration works perfectly, but loading of the registers does not. When restoring the values, I begin by running the adc configuration routine first, that sets up voltage reference, clock source, etc. Then, I simply loop through the registers 4003_B028 to 4003_B06C and copy the values from flash to those registers. I verified with memory view that all of the registers, including the control and status registers have the same values after the restoration of the calibration values, as they have after the calibration.


Am I missing something important here?