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How to import a project (if valid source code has *_c.d & *_h.d files)?

Question asked by Utpal Tembe on Apr 2, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2015 by Utpal Tembe

Hello friends,


I have following structure in the source code received from my vendor for MCF51EM256.

If not much of a trouble, will anybody please tell me whether this is a valid source code and if so, how to modify it in CodeWarrior?


<Folder>: Source_Code

<Folder>: Lib

<File>:  mcf51em256.args

<File>:  mcf51em256_c.d


<File>:  mcf51em256_c.obj

<Folder>: Project_Settings

<Folder>: Startup_Code

<File>:  startcf.args

<File>:  startcf_c.d !@


<File>:  startcf_c.obj

<Folder>: Sources

<File>:  Main.args

<File>:  Main_c.d

<File>:  Main_c.obj

<File>:  file_01.args

<File>:  file_01_c.d

<File>:  file_01_c.obj



<File>:  file_32.args

<File>:  file_32_c.d

<File>:  file_32_c.obj


<File>:  file_x.args

<File>:  file_x.elf

<File>:  makefile

<File>:  makefile.local



<File>:  file_x.elf.S19