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Has anyone had success running two Xorg sessions (HDMI   LVDS)?

Question asked by Bill Gerba on Apr 1, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2015 by Bill Gerba

I'm wondering if anybody has been able to successfully get two Xorg sessions running stably using Yocto. I'm currently using kernel 3.10.17 and Vivante driver 5.0.11, but have been totally unable to get vivante-fb to cooperate when a second session is launched (which, to date has always been with the generic fbdev driver). Dual fbdev sessions do run, but I get strange anomalies where launching a new window to, for example :1 or :2 launches the process, but the window doesn't ever actually appear on screen (either screen).


I see that there is a new 3.10.53 kernel, and am wondering if anybody has had any luck with it so far, or if perhaps there is a new Vivante driver targeted at this kernel version?