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processor expert flexram eeprom

Question asked by Mathias Bucher on Mar 30, 2015

Hi all


I am using the flexram as an eeprom, configured by Processor Expert. In the init function, the program tests whether the flexram has been partitioned previously, see lines 59 - 61 of "ProcessorExper.c" in attacheed project. I am wondering why the PE function "Cpu_GetFlexNVMPartitionCode()" always returns 0, although the flexram is configured correctly (and works as expected). It should response 0x2205. Does anyone know why?


And there is a second strange behaviour: If I erase the chip (= flexram settings overwritten) and call the "init_internal_eeprom()" from "taskA", the function crashes at line 64. If it is called from within "main" after a chip erase, everything works! Any suggestions?



- Target = MK22FX512VLH12

- Processor Expert 10.3.0

- IAR 7.40.1



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